Monday, January 25, 2010

Anna is been doing well. She went 4 weeks with out any problems, so our plan will continue another 4 weeks, then possibly, to get her line out right after she is done. We will be just watching her how she does, if she will need it another treatment, then she will be getting another line. Anna is very excited to get her line out and get in the pool ;-) My worry is in the past 2 years they tried to get her line out and she will relapse right before or right after. She had hard time because of thinking that she can't do some stuff and just an idea of having AHUS. Right now she has hope that in 4 weeks this all will be over and she is talking about what she will be able to do and just be a kid with no boundaries. I am praying that this will happen and her heart won't be brok

Anna's school did special days, when they didn't had to wear their school color clothes.
Here is picture that she was dressed for it ;-)

Anna got a kit to make candles:

Monday, January 18, 2010

For last few day's Anna been sick with cold. TONZ of runny nose and head ache. We were worried about her getting relapse. We so thankful that her labs remaining normal, but her urine labs shows lots of blood trace there and some protein. Tomorrow we might be going to see our doctor and on Wednesday she has her treatment.
I will post more update after Anna's treatment.
Please continue to pray for Haiti and specially for Orphanages and kids that being adopted, to get them to their families!here in US!!

Friday, January 15, 2010


Please pray for everyone in Haiti.

I been in Haiti twice with my friend and praying someday i can go back there. My friends was bringing her son, so we be able to stay at his orphanage and visit other one NLL at Port-A-Prince. Since then we have desire to go back as missionary, i been following few blogs and stay in touch with few families that working there.

One is "RHFH Rescue Center":
Two sisters running clinic and take care of very fragile sick kids.
They have about 70 sick kids and also they running clinic for everyone who needs medical help. For last 2 night they have to sleep outside and their worries right now, how to feed babies, they running out of infant formula.

Other blog is "The Livesay family":
Tara and Troy Livesay with 5 kids are country directors for World Wide Village.

There are many other places there that needs our prayers and support.

Check out this picture!!!

GOD saying " I am alive!" He can rebuild what the enemy tries to destroy! HE IS GOD!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Anna's first professional hair cut

For Christmas our family received gift card for hair style for everyone, so i decided to take girls there. We made that to be special day, i got girls off school and we headed over to Avalon salon. It is very small place, but ladies there know what they doing. They been working there for a long time. The lady we met she been doing for 14 years. It is pretty cool story, they learn from my friend that Anna has medical condition and they decided to bless our family with hair cuts.
Here are few pictures of the girls ;-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Our holydays went very well, last year Anna was admited in the hospital during this time and it was hard to be apart. This time we all together and had so much fun just stay home and play games.

Few days before New Year we had first snow and it lasted only one day.

On the New Year eve we had friends stayed overnight. It was lots of fun, they took us out to movie, then we got home just on time to celebrate New Year.