Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

We want to wish everyone have awesome New year!!
We praying that 2011 will be better with no hospital stay, less labs and have better year we ever had!!

Here is some update from our last check up we had early this week:
Anna's labs are doing well, they did found out that her platelets are deformed, they would like to repeat that test to confirm that results are correct. When platelets are deformed they can't clot properly and it makes any small cuts to bleed. If that will confirmed, then we will have to follow with oncologist. We also still waiting to see neurologist.
So beginning of the year it will be a little busy, then i hope we will be done with doctors ;-)

Here few favorite pictures from Christmas
This is the best picture "Grandpa playing "Hunting" game":

Louisa and Anna playing "Dance2 game"