Saturday, February 13, 2010

Anna is been doing well, we had to stop her antibiotics because of allergic reaction she had. She is only few days away from getting her line out. She talks a lot about what she will be able do specially go to KROC center swimming. We all excited for her, but in the back of my mind sometime i can hear "what if" it is been long journey and when in the past when they got her line out she was back with in few weeks and start treatments all over. We are praying everyday that this time it won't happen it is been over a year since she got this line and it is time to stop and have normal life.
This week Anna got to see Lilly this two girls love each other, worry about each other if one of them sick or in the hospital, understand what they going true, fighting their own diseases that don't have cure for it, but they are ALWAYS have smiles ;-)

Anna got to ride horse this week, she LOVES them and would like to have one for her self.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anna had unexpected ER visit last night. She started running fever i made phone call to doctor on call David. He decided to save our time and send us to local ER. Why sometimes i don't listen to my self? I was thinking what is the right choice to take her in. From one view i didn't wanted to drive an hour to children's hospital to her her cultures done. My doctor was saying the same thing and it was ok to go to local hospital even in the past we had problems there. They don't know Anna's condition apparently they don't know how to take culture (figure that one).
When we got there they took us straight to ER room, but when we saw the doctor J. (she always misdiagnosed Anna before) there, Anna's eyes went BIG and was trying to whisper IT IS HER AGAN. I told Anna lets just give her a chance she will contact our doctor and everything will be ok.
Because of Anna's fever our dr. David wanted to get cultures done one dose IV antibiotics and then go home. Anna's line has 3 lumen and each of them has to be cultured. When nurse came with one bottle i told her " Aren't you will do culture from each lumen?" her answer was "NO doctor J ordered only ONE it is one line and just has 3 ends, it will be ok, there is NO difference". Anna got her antibiotic and we were released to go home to finish her medication orally at home. This morning i give her first dose and she broke up in HIVES, i had to page dr David. We talk for awhile tried to decide what medication she should take untill we get results, so i explain him what happen in the ER he felt so bad that he recommended me go to local ER. Yes they were supposed to get Anna's culture from each lumen, so we know where is her infection. The results that we are waiting for will not be correct.
Now that she is already taking antibiotic, there is no point to do another culture, so Anna will take antibiotic for 6 days.