Thursday, May 6, 2010

It is been almost a month since i post anything on my blog. We all been doing well we have some surprise coming up i can't post it here because my family checks this blog ( Sorry Sasha and Mom). I will try to get surprise pictures as soon as it will happen. Here are few updates that been going on in our family

Anna is doing well staying away from her treatments and enjoying gymnastics. We finding out several things that i will have to bring it up on our next doctor appointment, one of them is allergic hives in the last few weeks.

Misha is in outdoor school this week and will be coming home tomorrow. Last week he did Awesome 3000 run. He been looking forward to run and can't wait for next year.

Enoch is finishing his middle school and trying to decide where he wants to do hight school at the North or Chemeketa collage. In collage hight school he can take hight school classes and collage at the same time and will graduate early.

Louisa is finishing her 10th grade, enjoying babysitting and can't wait for planted surprise to come.

Another we saw a baby possum and kids wanted to keep it as a pet. Well we decided to let them look at it and take few pictures ;-)