Thursday, July 22, 2010

Our summer

We been enjoying summer this year, we trying to keep kids us busy us we can. Last 2 years been home, hospital, home, because of Anna's treatments. This summer we been doing everything what normal family will do in HOT days SWIMMING. How nice to be eble to go and do stuff with out thinking that someone can't.
First in June Louisa and i took trip to see my mom for her 60th Birthday. It was a BIG surprise for my mom we never told her that we coming to visit her and will be there for her celebration, the most fun part was every one in Russia knew i will be there and made effort to make it for the celebration.

I didn't see my mom for 5 years and it is been too long, i promised to her i have to see her every year if i can and not every 5.

Anna is been doing well and back to gymnastics. She is very excited to see her friends and getting ready for competitions, they will be starting in October. She did had few colds and we were happy to see that didn't trigged her AHUS. We will have to keep close eye on her once she starts school. Everyone here is excited to go back to school next week and i will have 2 kids in High school, Anna will be in middle and Misha will be in his last year elementary. Time goes soo fast.