Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring brake going here like crazy!!!
Kids staying up, having friends over or going for visit.
I got all their conferences done and they are doing very well in school. Misha is very proud being TAG student in his class, so he is exited for extra stuff he get to do, like his older brother.
Enoch went to Seattle just for one night with his band class and should be back late tonight.
Anna finally got to swim at Kroc center and she is planning to swim whole next week.

Anna will be getting her labs done next Wednesday and she really doesn't want to get pocked again. Her next appointment is in May, but we will be continue get her labs to make sure her blood and kidney staying well.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Since Sunday everyone taking turn with 24hr flu. Anna started with one last night and was still wasn't feel good this morning we had to get her labs done and they ARE STILL GOOD. Right now it is almost 3 and she is doing good and ready to meet Blazers team with her dad, other kids want to go too , but this time only for Anna and one adult, i will post pictures later tonight when they get back. Misha has concert tonight and claiming he is well to go and participate in it and doesn't want to miss it.
Other news if u not following my Facebook Harlan finally got a job and starting tomorrow night!!! It is been long 5 month of searching for one ;-)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Anna is home

In last two weeks Anna been having problems with her central line untill last weekend it was really started getting more worse. I had to pick up Anna from school on Monday and take her to Doernbecher hospital, for check up and culture of her line. On Tuesday morning Anna went to school and stayed there untill she was done with her school. During lunch time i received call from Anna's doctor telling me that she has STAFF infection and that they need to admit her and remove line on next day. I waited untill she was home and we were on the way there, Anna was soo exited to get her line out and she seemed didn't care that there is more danger for her to have infection, but what can u expect from a kid who wants do what other kids can, JUST BE NORMAL. She was soo happy all evening and was telling all her nurses that she will get her line out ;-) Later that evening i ask to see her labs results from Monday visit and find out that her kidney levels, not where i would like to see them. I requested to get extra labs in the morning, so we can be sure nothing going on and her kidney level got to normal range. BY that afternoon she got her line out played BINGO and they got to send us home to finish antibiotics. Right before we got discharged lady from Life Child her name Kim cam and ask if we can go to Blazers game. We never took our kids to Rose Garden to watch games and with Anna is wasn't sure if she will up, but we decided give a try we can leave if she will get worse.

I think we had most amazing evening with our kids. They placed us in SUITS, those are rooms for private parties. When we walked in our eyes got VERY BIG. I didn't even know that in the stadiums have rooms like that.

Can u guess where this TV is?

Lots of food!!!

It was fun night, everyone were tired and Anna got to watch all the way with some pain medications.
For the rest of the week Anna staying home to get her line area heal, she can't wait to go back to school on Monday ;-)